EMP Episode 133.4: Avengers Observe!

IN THIS EPISODE…. The Game is a Foot! Or, that is to say, there is a game being played. The game isn’t necessarily a foot or a hand or any appendage. Pieces on this game’s board include several Avengers, The Black Order and the Lethal Legion. Players in this game? Definitely the GrandMaster… or than that we’re stumped. Avengers: No Surrender continues to be an entertaining and great looking (that art by Pepe Larazz!!) mystery! Meanwhile on a more street-level playing field, the Defenders are determined to dismantle anyone detrimental to their plan to disorganize crime. That means all potential Kingpins, the line for ass-kickery forms here! Plus! A visual gag 17 years in the making! It’s all here in EARTH’S MIGHTIEST PODCAST Episode 133W.4…’Nuff-celsior!  

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0:07:38 Avengers (2016) #678
0:25:54 Defenders (2017) #9

EMP #133w.4
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Note: The PoP!-Cast Network is earmarked by iTunes as “explicit” and is intended for mature audiences.

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