PoP!-Cast Wrestling #28

This week:

– Jared and Vito continue the A/A+ list with some curve balls.

– There was a whole mess o’ wrestling this week.

– Raw Country was awful.

– The world titles look like they are getting unified.

– Is Aces and Eights over?

– We find an NXT ring name generator. It’s awesome!!

– Randy “Monkey-Feet-Hands-Mutton-Chops-Baron-Von-Forgot-My-Lines-Date-Rapist-Too-Many-Shitty-Tattoos-Covering-Other-Oily-Shitty-Tattoos-Poops-in-Purses-Too-Many-Nicknames” Orton has a new nickname.

And more…..

Closing music: Kanye West – Bound 2

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