PoP!Corn: The Movie Podcast #18 – CHEAP THRILLS

Justin and Ben still need to catch up with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but they did watch and review one of the best and most unforgettable films of the year, director E.L. Katz’s dark comedy Cheap Thrills. Plus, they talk about the recent Star Wars casting and whether or not Zack Snyder is the John Cena of cinema.

PoP!Corn: The Movie Podcast – Now More Relevant Than The Star Wars Extended Universe!

Opening song – “Cantina Band” by John Williams (from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)

Break song – “The Star Wars That I Used To Know”

End song – “Blood Stains” by Agent Orange


Note: This and every PoP!-Cast Network show is earmarked by iTunes as “explicit” and is intended for mature audiences. The rest of Panels on Pages is reasonably safe for all-ages.

PoP!Corn # 18

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