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EMP Episode 131: Kung Fu Octopus

IN THIS EPISODE… While Viet is hard at work building an army of PVC minions…no, literally, he’s building minions, you should check ‘em out, the fellas meet just long enough to keep the dream alive even though Space Nazi Propaganda runs rampant. With The Avengers colliding worlds with the Champions, the question everyone really wants answered is what is the politically correct term for Synthezoid? The Uncanny Avengers are getting a tour of the Chocolate Factory! ..Or at least the get to meet the help. The Defenders are holding it down in the ‘Kitchen but a massive creator change-up may spell the end before they’ve fully begun. The USAvengers figured out the mystery surrounding Riverdale and its not a Lusty Teen-Drama Makeover. Marvel Legacy continues with several books that you didn’t know you wanted…and we’ll tell you which ones you still don’t! It’s all going down in this episode of EARTH’S MIGHTIEST PODCAST!  

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0:05:36 Runaways TV Talk (Spoilers)
0:14:50 Thor Ragnarok (Spoilers)
0:41:09 Avengers (2016) #673
0:54:08 Champions (2016) #14
1:01:28 Defenders (2017) #7
1:12:39 U.S. Avengers (2017) #12
1:21:37 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #29
Quick Hits
1:30:27 Captain America (2017) #695
1:37:37 Darkhawk (2017) #51
1:43:05 Master of Kung Fu (2017) #126
1:49:41 Power Pack (2017) #63
1:53:58 Silver Sable and the Wild Pack (2017) #36

EMP #131
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