The Super-Fly Comics & Games Podcast #240


The Super-Fly Comics & Games Podcast Episode #240

This week there is so much to talk about as Thacher and Travis are once again joined by Kelly Harrass of Lost World of Wonders and Kenny Taylor of First Aid Comics in Hyde Park. Together the gang talks about the comics they read over the past month (with some spoilers) including the Convergence books of the first week (including #0 & #1), the Avengers Secret Wars tie-ins, Deadpool, Batman Eternal, No Mercy, Multiversity, Darth Vader, and Superior Iron Man. Then the guys sink their teeth into some spoiler-free to spoiler-lite discussion of the latest Netflix binge-worthy phenomenon, Marco Polo. Oh wait, I mean Daredevil. Yeah, definitely Daredevil. Nice try, Netflix. (Note: the Daredevil discussion is at the end of the show with a clear delineation, so if you want absolutely no information about it you can stop listening there. But it’s Monday, you should’ve seen SOME of it already).

The Super-Fly Podcast: aka Marco Polo’s giant jerk-off hand

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