The Super-Fly Comics & Games Podcast #245


The Super-Fly Comics & Games Podcast Episode #245

This week it’s all sunshine, roses, and candy bars as Kenny Taylor and Kelly Harrass join Travis and Thacher for the Super-Fly Book Club. This month we’re all pretty damn pleased with everything that we’ve been reading and hearing about, leading us all to wonder if there’s maybe too much good stuff happening. Books we talked about this week include (deep breath) Batman, Detective Comics, Omega Men, Action Comics, Convergence, Section Eight, Bizarro, Secret Wars, Where Monsters Dwell, Ghost Racers, Planet Hulk, Howard the Duck, No Mercy, Airboy, Stray, Kaptara, Transformers vs G.I. Joe, TMNT, and Star Wars. Phew, that’s some good reading!

I’m Nick Lachey, for The Super-Fly Podcast, brought to you in part by Neil DeGrassi High

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